Core Faculty and Staff

Jose Alfaro Jose Alfaro Core Staff, Associate Professor of Environmental Practice
Mary Braun Mary Braun Core Staff, Program Coordinator
Michael T. Craig Michael T. Craig Core Staff, Assistant Professor
Drew Gronewold Andrew Gronewold Core Staff, Associate Professor
Helaine Hunscher Helaine R. Hunscher Core Staff, Program Coordinator
Greg Keoleian Gregory A. Keoleian Core Staff, Director, Professor
Geoff Lewis Geoffrey M. Lewis Core Staff, Research Specialist
Shelie Miller Shelie A. Miller Core Staff, Professor
Josh Newell Joshua P. Newell Core Staff, Professor
Tony Reames Tony G. Reames Core Staff, Associate Professor
Parth Vaishnav Parth Vaishnav Core Staff, Assistant Professor
Maxwell Woody Maxwell Woody Core Staff, Research Specialist
Ming Xu Ming Xu Core Staff, Professor