Student Researchers

First Name Last Namesort descending Position Research Interests
Rushabh Bohra Research Assistant

Energy Generation, Sustainable Energy Systems, Energy Storage Technologies (Batteries & Fuel Cells), Life Cycle Assessment, Energy Markets & Policies

Isaac Bromley-Dulfano Research Assistant

Reliability contributions of solar and wind power, electric load forecast and profiling.

Cailin Buchanan Research Assistant

Cailin’s research was related to evaluating the fuel savings and environmental impacts of lightweighting shipping containers on a variety of vehicle modes, ranging from freight trucks to container ships. She developed a model that uses life cycle assessment tools to analyze the influence that mode and distance have on the degree to which lightweighting impacts freight transportation life cycle burdens. Her thesis work was published in Transportation Research Part D: Transportation and the Environment. She is now pursuing her PhD in Chemical Engineering at U-M, studying redox flow battery systems.

Jake Calzavara Research Assistant

Sustainable Mobility, Life Cycle Assessment, Industrial Ecology, Business & Sustainability

Marney Coleman Research Assistant

Sustainable Food Systems; Life Cycle Assessment; Sustainable Supply Chains & Sourcing

Yabin Dong Research Assistant

Yabin is a PhD candidate in environmental science (SESA) joint with scientific computing (Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery & Engineering). Yabin is broadly interested in applying data science and machine learning techniques in the domain of environment, renewable energy, and electric vehicles.

Aaron Friedman-Heiman Research Assistant

Sustainable Food Systems, Organic Waste Recycling, Industrial Ecology, Urban Metabolism, Circular Economy

Jason Hawes Research Assistant

Urban resilience, sustainable food-energy-water infrastructure, socially-engaged design

Christian Hitt Research Assistant

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor pursuing a dual master's degree in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Systems. I believe in bringing new ideas and a positive attitude to the workplace and I am always willing to rise to challenges. I intend to pursue a career in engineering sustainable systems. Through my work I hope to help lead efforts to tackle modern sustainable issues.

Karl Hoesch Research Assistant

Karl researches energy justice at the intersection of energy, health and housing policy. He is especially interested in access to energy efficiency and renewable energy for low-income and multi-family households.

Luyi Huang Research Assistant

Sustainable Food Systems, Industrial Ecology, Sustainable Supply Chain

Ritvik Jain Research Assistant

Ritvik is broadly interested in Renewable Energy with a focus on systems modeling, optimization & grid integration. He is also passionate about distributed energy resources (DER's), last-mile sustainable energy access, and climate change mitigation from a power systems perspective.

Carissa Knox Research Assistant
Daehyun Ko Research Assistant
Krystal Krygowski Research Assistant
Samuel Limerick Research Assistant

urban climate change adaptation/resilience, climate justice, urban agriculture, spatial analytic methods and visualization

Claire McKenna Research Assistant

Claire is a first year doctoral student studying the transition from fossil fuels to electricity generated by carbon-free sources in residential heating. She is interested in the impacts of this transition on vulnerable communities and the implications that scale adoption of electric heat pumps for residential heating will have on utility rate tariffs and ultimately on consumer utility costs. Claire's work employs social science and engineering science methods to support actionable climate action policy in the building sector and utility rate design to support safe and beneficial residential heating electrification. Before entering her doctoral studies, Claire worked as a sustainable building design engineer, where her expertise in building energy systems, including heating and cooling and distributed energy resources (DERs), contributed to major new construction projects in San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Boston, and New York City

Madeline Miller Research Assistant
Anna Ostrander Research Assistant

Carbon Neutrality, Negative Emission Technologies, CleanTech, Energy

Shagun Parekh Research Assistant

Grid Decarbonisation, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Negative Emissions Technologies, Energy Infrastructure Systems, Environmental Justice

Michael Storch Jr. Research Assistant

Climate change mitigation/adaptation, US power grid, renewable energy, and clean technology

Srihari Sundar Research Assistant

Hari's research interests include decarbonization of the power sector, climate impacts, computational modeling, and sustainable transformation. His current research is focused on predicting changes in the energy system -- meteorology interaction with a transition to widespread renewable energy generation, and using this to inform long term planning of reliable power systems under a changing climate while ensuring a just transition. He is also passionate about building scalable software and contributing to the open-source ecosystem.

Max Vanatta Research Assistant

Energy System Modeling and Analysis, Renewable Energy, Storage, Energy Equity, Nuclear Energy, Energy Markets, Optimization

Calli VanderWilde Research Assistant

Sustainable food systems, (Social) life cycle assessment, industrial ecology, ecosystem services, supply chain management

Swathy Vidyadharan Research Assistant

She currently works for the Center for Sustainable Systems, doing research with Dr. Parth Vaishnav on autonomous EV trucking. Some of her other interests include carbon sequestration on a large scale, green cities, and clean energy for transportation.

Adrienne Watts Research Assistant

Circular Economy and Industrial Ecology; Life Cycle Assessment; Sustainable Supply Chains & Sourcing; Design Innovation; Business and Sustainability

Pamela Wildstein Research Assistant

electricity policy, distributed energy resources, wholesale electricity market design, urban planning, climate change mitigation